Demie Faiteel Health

We were chosen to come to this planet because of our excellent reputation and ability. We decided to accept because we wanted to help all organisms that live on and visit this planet. The personnel in our group have been studying this area for the last seven years and are planning to continue.


There are only a few dangerous illnesses in the desert area. The two most common are heatstroke and dehydration. Heatstroke is a disorder that occurs when the body temperature is overwhelmed by excessive heat. Dehydration is the loss of body water that occurs when the body lacks food and drink from sweating, urination, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Early symptoms of heatstroke are faintness, dizziness, staggering, headaches, dry skin, and nausea. Death can result from heart failure. The most common symptoms of dehydration are thirst, water present in the blood, lymph, and intestinal fluid. It effects heart functions, central nervous system, and organs containing smooth muscles. Finally, intercellular fluids are lost, which upsets vital chemical processes in the cells. If water is not restored, death will usually occur within a few days.

Wet towels, fanning, and ice bags, if possible, are ways of helping to cure heatstroke. Dehydration can be helped by drinking the water and other juices in the plants. If the body is flushed, you need to seek help immediately so no further damage is done to the system.

We have made two machines from some of the natural resources that live and grow on Demie Faiteel. The first one is called the treadwalk machine. It is a machine that allows you to pace yourself with different amounts of resistance. It is made of cameroo hide, wittled wood, and stone. The cameroo hide is used as the walking tread. The stone is used as the base that the hide rotates around, and the wood is used so that you can hold onto something while working out.

Our other machine is to improve the upper arm strength. It's called the arm builder. It is made from wood, woven bark, cameroo hide, and sand. The sand is put in the cameroo hide and tied with woven bark to produce a weight. The chair in which one sits is made out of wood and so is the handle. The weight is tied to the handle on about a five foot bark rope which is also tied to the weight.

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