Demie Faiteel

Welcome to Demie Faiteel! We are your hosts for this section and our names are Latoya Margarita (professional artist), Anaelise Noel Jojoba (expert meteorologist), and Constance De Mille (world renowed scientist). We were sent here to study the weather patterns of this planet and survey its geography.

Dry Desert

The hot part of this desert planet receives less than 25 centimeters of rain a year. The climate affects animal life dramatically, and animals are different in many ways because they have to adapt to the extremely hot baking sun. The hottest temperature recorded is 135.4 degrees fahrenheit. The steaming half of this planet is made up of steppes and endless deserts.

Frozen desert

The frozen part of the desert planet is frozen all year around. The hottest temperature recorded is 70 degrees fahrenheit. The coldest temperature recorded is -127 degrees fahrenheit. 45 degrees fahrenheit is a hot day here because the average temperature for this region is -58 degrees fahrenheit. Exposed flesh can freeze in some areas in one minute. A very cold day is -20 degrees fahrenheit. Percipitation is rarely seen, and low temperatures freeze whatever rain does fall. Polar zones like these are found usually to the extreme north and south and on high mountain tops.

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