Demie Faiteel Personnel

Alexandra Brighton
Christian Anthony

The architects and engineers for the Demie Faiteel project were chosen out of hundreds of candidates. These elite jobs were coveted by the most distinguished engineers and architects in the world. The choosing of the Demie Faiteel Discovery Team was televised world wide and every person of every nationality waited in suspense for the results. From the vast amount of applicants, Dr. Alexandra (Alex) Brighton and Mr. Christian Anthony were selected for the postitions.

Alexandra Brighton, who likes to be addressed as Alex, was the fortunate applicant who was given the opportunity to go to Demie Faiteel as the head architect. Dr. Brighton is a 25-year-old prodigy who acquired her doctorate degree in Desert Architecture at the early age of twenty after achieving her masters in General Architecture. Both degrees were accomplished at Harvard University.

After completing school, she went directly into the most respected architecture corporation in the world, the Creme de la Creme Empire. She was there only a few years before she was recognized around the world for her incredible skill, intelligence, and imagination of design. She designed skyscrapers, monuments, mansions, and many other structures, all of which are incredable and awe-inspiring.

Although she lives and works in New York City, she travels around the world frequently. Due to the fact that she spends most of her time working and traveling, she remains single.

Upon recieving her application, the Demie Faiteel selection committee immediately chose her to head up the architecture department of the mission. It was apparent that such exemplary, unparalleled, and unprecedented ingenuity and proficiency would benefit the new planet to the utmost. By now Doctor Brighton was internationally hailed as the best in her field.

Christian Anthony. This is a name that was on the lips of every engineer in the world. After he was selected for the Demie Faiteel project his name became a household word.

Mr. Anthony received his bachelor's degree at Stanford University and then went on to honor in engineering at Yale. Originally, he was going to major in political science, however, under the advice of his counselor, he switched to engineering.

Six years out of college, this twenty-nine-year-old was already holding a top position with an engineering company, Holdens and Company. Although he applied for an entry level position on the planet team, he was given the job of boss due to his supreme reputation and record. He is also know for his keen instinct and comprehension.

Problems arose after the committee decided that they wanted Mr. Anthony to be a part of the mission. The committee had originally chosen single people only. The crew of the Demie Faiteel mission would be gone for ten years and there was only so much space for transportation. Therefore, they could not transport all of the colonists and their families. When Chrsitian Anthony discovered this, he immediatley withdrew his application. He refused to leave his wife of four years and his eighteen month old son. Fortunately, the committee felt strongly enough about him that they made an exception and he was allowed to be accompanied by his family.

The Demie Faiteel committee has selected many different people that were to travel to the new planet and build a new way of life. The conditions on the new planet are so extreme and different that the committee wanted to be sure they had creative and vibrant people. Also, these people would be there for ten years, so they needed to be sure the colonists were young enough and healthy enough to accomplish everything that was needed for the entire time. Constructing a new form of living takes dedication and responsiblity. Young, accomplished, idealists were chosen to build Demie Faiteel from the ground up.

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