Demie Faiteel Personnel

Lilly Pad had been chosen to come on this trip because he is a genius in the field of road design. He has no family at all. The school Lilly attended was Oregon State and he majored in road design and architecture. After college, he looked for work and then was offered the opportunity to work on this planet as a road designer and he accepted this opportunity.

In his spare time he drew some comical pictures of our team

Rachael O'Brien has been brought here to design the vehicles. She attended the University of Oregon for four years and majored in architecture and car design. After college she worked as a car designer at Ford and climbed to the top of her company, and that is why she was chosen to be on this team. She came here and left all of her family behind. Her family was against her decision to come here, but she thought it would be a good career move and she would have the opportunity to travel to a new place.

Milldred Snuffalugalif was brought here as a mechanic. She has one cat that she loves dearly. She attended Tennesse Tech and majored in mechanics and engineering. She graduated and went straight to work as an intern with her college professor. After four years as an intern, she was offered an invitation to come to this planet and work as a mechanic for the vehicles department.

Professor Tailor was chosen as an engineer. She has one daughter and a husband. She attended Georgia Tech and majored in Mechanical Engineering. After college she got married and started a family. She chose not to work because her husband had a good job and could support their family, also she wanted to be able to stay home and be with her kids. When she was offered the opportunity to work with this team, she could not refuse, and she left her daughter and her husband to come and work on this planet.

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