Demie Faiteel Transportation

We have been chosen to design and make the transportation for Demie Faiteel planet. We have been on this planet for 11 days. There are four of us in our unit. Each of us has been chosen for a different reason.

One of the hot desert cars is the yabadaba. The yabadaba is completely made out of stone. In this make of car, you use your feet to move yourself around. The other two desert cars are the izusu, and hot wind. Izusu has the same body as the yabadaba except for the tires.

The hot wind also has the same shape as the yabadaba, but on the back of it it has an eight foot sail. This vehicle is for use on the cold desert part of the planet. The vehicle has an ice dome on two ski - like sleds that turn side to side when you turn the steering wheel. It is powered by two sails that will catch the wind and pull the vehicle along the ice. It has a window made from melted sand that is used for visibility. Its ice dome cover is made of ice blocks. The sled part is made of carved rock that is smoothed; the sail is made of bark woven into thread and then made into cloth. The steering wheel is made of shaped wood and the periscope is made of rock with glass plates made from melted sand.

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Designed by: Tracie Baker, Emily Buss, Tracy Smith, Jessica Melton