Demie Faiteel Personnel

My name is Oscar Count, I am a master botonist. I got my diploma at Yale and I have been studying vegetation for 15 years. I am 38 years old. I have received two noble prizes for my work and I have discovered over 250 new species of plants in my 15 year career.

I am married and have three kids, they are 15, 17, and 2 years old. I live in Long Beach, California, but I grew up in Springfield, Oregon. I have been to every continent in the world; I have also been on the moon to discover new plants and to discover the types of biomes there.

I have been chosen to study this planet because I am the best in my field. My name was given to me by, "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine.

I will be arriving on this planet any time now, and in my 10 year stay, I hope to discover every type of plant on this planet. This is my first trip to another planet not counting the moon; I am going to have a fun time but do my job better than anyone can.

My name is Arson Feires and I am a biological chemist. I graduated from Harvard University with my masters degree. I have been working as a biological chemist for 25 years for NASA analyzing the plants the astronauts have been bringing back from the newly discovered planets.

I grew up in Springfield, Oregon. I travel all around the world studying plants and their molecular structure. My partners and I hope to find every existing botanical organism on this planet.

I have been working with the NASA program for many years. I was chosen to do this job because I am the best biological chemist in the world.

Hello, my name is Bob Shroomer. I am part of the Demie Faiteel exploration group. To explain why I was chosen, let me tell you about my life. My childhood was the same as anyones. I did the public school thing and then two years of college. Then I got a job setting up satellites. In my mid-twenties, I became a small time musician in my home town of Port Orford, Oregon. I was performing one day, the crowd was getting rowdy as they will and someone got hurt. To make a long story short, they brought him up on stage and he died before the ambulance came. The simple fact that I couldn't help him disturbed me so much that I devoted the rest of my life to medicine. Learning all my techniques on my own, I quickly became a skilled "Witch Doctor".

I once had the chance to save an FBI agent who stumbled into a brown fidler nest. Two years after that, I got a message that he recommended me for the exploration team. I gladly accepted.

Some people have criticized my work, but to prove that my techniques are sound, I tell them I am 100 years old. I have never been married nor have any kids. All my family and friends are long dead.

Hi my name is Mr. Tolac. I have no family (that claims me). I am 20 years old, and I am single. I don't think I will ever get married. One time I got a job being a crash test dummy, that was the only job I ever had. I have also tried every drug known to man, for medicinal testing.

I don't really know why I was chosen, but I think it is because the government owes me money but they are trying to shut me up by sending me to another planet. The scientist test the plants on me. I also take counteracting chemicals before I test the plants, then I report the way I feel and what part of my body was affected. Well, that's pretty much my job.

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