Demie Faiteel Vegetation

Our group has been chosen to come on this trip to discover the vegetation on this planet. In our unit there are four people. The first person in our unit is Bob Shroomecur. He has been chosen because he is a medical doctor. The second person in our unit is Oscar Count. Oscar has been chosen because he is a master botonist. Arson Feires is the third person. He is with this unit because he is a biological chemist. The last person is Mr. Tolac. He has come with this unit as a "lab rat". We will be testing the new medicines and foods that we find on him to see if they are suitable for human consumption.


The Fee-Fie-Foe-Shroom is the mushrooms long lost ancestor. It is nearly six ft. tall and approximately three ft. wide. We have found that these mushrooms live in groups of 20-30 in a mile radius around our camp. When tested on the lab rat, (Mr. Tolac), we found that the comsumption of a piece of the mushroom made him see things and act paranoid. The lab rat started to sweat and then he turned to me and said, "Help, the rabbits are going to eat me."

This was our first discovery on the planet. We landed in a group of the giant mushrooms so we set up camp and began to run tests on the mushrooms.


The desert petal is two ft. tall and one ft. wide. It has a coating of deadly poison. The poison takes two hours to kill if not washed off the skin. If it is swallowed, it is instant death. The desert petal is found in groups of two to three.


The striped cactus is approximately four to six feet tall. It lives in both the cold and hot hemispheres. It is striped because they live in large groups and the shade from the other plants block the sun light in certain places and the chlorophyll can only be produced were the sun hits.

To study the striped cactus, we extracted the fluids from the inside of the plant. It is a white liquid substance that is related to milk. When we tested this on Mr. Tolac it did his body good.


The sunlight sage is similar to a cross between a sage brush on earth and grass on earth. It is about six inches to one and a half feet tall. In the morning the sage comes out of its hole in the sand and absorbs the sunlight. At night it goes back into its hole to preserve heat and energy. This plant cannot live with other plants that block its sunlight, so they pretty much live secluded from other plants.

This plants purple buds contain a liquid that gives you good hydration so that you don't die or lose too much liquid in the desert. When we fed it to Mr. Tolac, it gave him a lot of energy and he carried all of our equipment through the desert without fatigue for many hours.

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