Canobi's Animals

While drifting through space on our mission to find a planet that mankind can inhabit, we have stumbled upon a planet dubbed Canobi. It is mainly made up of the grassland biome. Our team specializes in animal research, and is made up of the best experts in their field.

Buzil Lizatop


The buzil, a small herbivore, varies in many different shades of yellow. It dwells on the bottoms of shallow bodies of water. It eats mostly plants, many that are very similar to the vegetation in the earth's lakes, but they will, in some cases feed on protozoa type creatures.

This blob like creature, floats around in the current, inhaling great amounts of water as it devours its prey.

To reproduce, a female and male buzil come together forming one. After a time period of about 20 minutes, the two creatures split, leaving behind a third organism. The young buzil will take up to two years to become mature enough to reproduce.

The buzil has many predators because it is slow and has no fins or propelling abilities. Its only defense against predators is to blend into the water bottom like a flounder fish.

The normal lifespand is five to seven years; at its full size it is two square feet (roughly the size of a basketball).

The buzil tends to migrate to the warmest possible body of water because it is very susceptible to cold.


The lizatop, as of now, is the largest creature we have come across. This creature is scaled. The dry skin protects it from the heat of the sun. It spends most of its time lounging around and sleeping. The rest of the time it spends hunting.

It seems to keep to itself, only coming together to reproduce. In its mating practices, it will spend almost a week together with its mate in its efforts to reproduce.

Due to its size, the lizatop is predator free. We have compared its massive size to that of the extinct brontosaurs.

It migrates in the summer to a colder climate. Due to its dry skin, it must stay as wet as possible.

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