My name is Patrick Haider: I was a college student at LCC (Lane Communety College) but I was kicked out after one day because I was so smart. I majored in the study of insects after I left LCC, and went to Princeton. When I graduated from Princeton, I decided insects weren't as interesting as I'd hoped, so I went to NASA.

While I was at NASA, I heard about an expedition to a uncharted planet and they needed an expert on insects, so I volunteered to go. I didn't have any family on earth because they all passed away in a tragic car accident. Because of that, I don't have any problems with leaving.

My name is Cami Cloyd: I grew up in Boulder City, Nevada, and I have just finished school at University of Las Vegas. At first I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to major in, but then I decided that it might be kind of interesting to study a bunch of different kinds of insects, so now that is what I'm doing.

In college, I filled out an application for going to another planet to study my major. The planners of the trip looked over my application and decided to invite me to come along to Planet Canobi. I'm really excited to be here, and I've found a lot of different creatures.

My name is Shianne Shryer: I am a college student and I majored in astronomy, earth science, and insects. I am here on Planet Canobi with my team to explore and study the insects on the planet.

The college I attended is Harvard University. My birthday is April 26, 1977. I am married to a wonderful man by the name of Ben Walker. I work at Harvard as an assistant teacher of astronomy.

My family is large and my mother and father live across the street from me. I have one daughter with my husband, her name is Lucetta, she will be one in December.

I am very proud to have been chosen to go to Planet Canobi, it is a great honor. Sometimes I often wonder why I took this trip, but after the time I have spent here, I realize that I wanted it. I have always wanted to go into outerspace and see other planets. I would make a life out of this if I could. I have enjoyed my stay on Planet Canobi, even though it is a slightly strange planet. I am glad that I was able to live through this wonderful experience.

My name is Jason Harris: I am a Harvard college student that majored in insects and politics. I was the Governer of Oregon for four years until I was elected President of the United States. I was in my second year of my second term as President when I decided to go to Planet Canobi.

I was choosen to go because I graduated top of my class in the study of insects and because I funded part of the trip to Canobi. Since I had to go to Canobi, I resigned as President and my Vice President took over. My family understood why I had to go and they're still on earth waiting for me. I am one of the four people to be chosen to study insects on Planet Canobi.

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Designed by: Cami Cloyd, Jason Harris, Patrick Haider, and Shianne Shryer