Planet Canobi

I am Chris Spealman and I am the ship's weapon's officer. I control all weapons and I am second in command. On earth I served in the Amercan special armed forces for 13 years of my life. My mom is a General in the armed forces. My dad was a Jamacian wrestler. I was born in France on Friday the 13th. I followed my mom's footsteps by joining the army, then I had a lucky opportunity. I am one of the elite soldiers of America, so they sent me on this mission. I was hand picked by the captain of the ship for my fierce attitude and physical stamina.

My name is Jessica Yarbrough and I left Earth when I was 14 years of age. I am responsible for the physical and mental health of all the crew members. I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to come on this mission because it was such an impossible dream once, even for a grown adult. I was a four point student at a top academic school, so I guess that's the reason that I was offered this opportunity. There really is no success story for me, but I'd like to say thanks to those who helped me get this far.

I am Jeremiah David. I am the captain of the ship, and in control of all aspects of the ship. My responsiblities consist of killing aliens, navigating the ship, and keeping the crew in line. I come from Springfield, Oregon, of the United States of America. I was an average student all through school, but since I was a troubled child, my parents sent me to a military school where I quickly surpassed my fellow students in leadership and other qualities of a ship's captain.

I was sent to a special school to train specifically to be captain of the ship. There I was taught all that Nasa knew of the black hole, and all of the information that was associated with this trip. Since this information could be deadly in the wrong hands, I was the only crew member with knowledge of this data. I was also on the committee to choose the other members, but was kicked off the board due to troubles with the law. I was almost thrown off the crew list due to my habits and disrespect for the law. I was placed in heavy rehabilitation before I could leave; I spent six months there. They decided my leadership skills were too important to waste, so I was able to come on the voyage, but I would be under close watch. On this note, they sent me away from the laws of earth.

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