The Canobi Shelter Personnel

We've made preparations on our shelters and have begun the building process. We're a select team. We are...the specialists. We're a group of four.

Agricultural Inspector: Captain Bart Thompson, former masters graduate from Harvard, and the leading authority on plants and vegetation.

Master of Architechture: Josh Dehart who attended one of the leading architechtural schools in the nation and served on an exchange building program in several locations in Europe.

Vegetation Inspector: Donny Hamar known for his experiments with medicinal herbs and his progressive development of new medicines.

Special Agent: Kenny Landmon a former graduate of Yale.

Weapons Specialist and an expert marksman. AKA: K-DOG.

In the evening our shelter was attacked by vicious animals and in the ruckus, our shelter caught fire. Our blueprints were severely damaged, but we were able to recover this much of it pictured below. Thanks to special agent, K-DOG, the specialists were saved as well as the shelter. In the blueprints below, you can slightly make out the plans. Our plans were later reconstructed and we were able to carry on.

Damaged Floor Plan

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Designed by: Josh DeHart, Bart Thompson, Donny Hamar, and Kenny Landmon