The Canobi Shelter

We've been collecting the proper elements to begin the project. Heavy protection is needed for the specialists to proceed with their work. The dangers are great and animals fierce. The process is moving quickly and things are progressing smoothly.

It has been six months since our project began and things are running smoothly. Animal skins, grass, and mixtures of colored mud have been collected to furnish the basic skeleton of the shelters. The shelters are two story facilities. The bottom floor is enclosed in a mud cave with an aerial exit to the upper level through the floor.

The second level of the facility is located in a tree above the mud level furnished with animal skins and a blanket of grass carpet. It is constructed mainly of animal bones and skins as sort of a get-a-way in the warmer months. Several of the rooms in the facilities have hard wood floors constructed from some of the few select trees we have chosen. One of our inspectors has found a wax plant capable of treating the intricate floor work.

The first few shelters are built and completed. We are continuing work on the colony and have informed our headquarters back home of our progress. Hopefully, things will continue to go as smoothly in the future. Peace!

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Designed by: Josh DeHart, Bart Thompson, Donny Hamar and Kenny Landmon