Canobi Transportation

When we first arrived on this planet, the first thing we noticed was that our planet was covered in grass and the ground was flat. We figured that we would have to make our transportation primarily out of grass. Since we were going to make our transportation out of grass, we realized that we would probably have to go with a very simple machine. When the technology on the planet is more advanced, which we predict will be very soon, the people will make improvements to our basic design. Our group has been working on the transportation for Canobi for about three years.


Wheels were a must on the planet because the land was so flat and vast. We decided that for wheels we would use rounds from trees and we would make the wheels by weaving the grass.

On our planet we travel by stepping on the surface of the vehicle, which is made out of twigs and dry clay. We have a roof on our transportation machine which is made out of sticks and is covered with grass, just in case the planet gets some rain. It is very easy for us to move because there is a lot of wind on our planet.

We turn our transporting machine by leaning the way that we want to turn. We later hope to develop a more advanced method of travel but this will take time and what we have will to do for awhile.

Side View

Diagonal View

After we decided what we were going to build and design, we had to find all of the materials. Carolyn was going to be in charge of finding, cutting, and getting the wood ready to use. Marianne was going to be in charge of the wheels, using her background in weaving. Kelsey and Megan were going to be in charge of actually building the machine. The materials we brought from earth were: screws, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, metal brackets, hand drills, and clamps. We also had all purpose glue, made out of plants found on Canobi. We also had a grater and a hacksaw which helped to cut and smooth the wood. After we got everything together, we began to build the machine.

First, Marianne attached the wheels by weaving them with grass into the floorboard. Then Kelsey took the pole and nailed that into the floorboard with a hammer. After the pole was secured, Megan took the roof and connected the end of the roof to the pole by using metal brackets to stick the roof into the pole. To make sure that the roof was secure enough, Megan also put in a few clamps on it to make sure that everything was steady.

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Designed by: Megan Richardson, Marianne Sidwell, Kelsey Moran, and Carolyn Mcclain.