Canobi Transportation Personnel

My name is Megan. I am a mechanic who works on cars and tries to fix them. I was chosen for this mission by my boss who asked all the mechanics if I was a good worker and if I would be a good person to work on another planet. Everyone thought that I would, so that's why I am going to be on the planet Canobi. I was also chosen because I can I work very well with others.

Hi, my name is Marianne. I am a Vehicle Interior Designer who travels all around the world. The people that I work with thought that I would be the best for the job because I am in the highest position at work and I am use to traveling. I would be a great person to help design our transportation machine. I am a great interior designer.

Hello, my name is Carolyn Glavich. I was chosen for this task of designing the transportation for the planet Canobi because I am exceptionally intelligent and graduated from high school at 16. After that I went to MIT and graduated from there when I was 20, I went to work at Ford Motor Company as a designing engineer and have been working there for a year. I am now 21 and am engaged, but I am waiting to get married to my fiance, Jay Seward, when I return from planet Canobi.

Hello, my name is Kelsey, and I am a chauffeur who drives people around. I was chosen for this task because I am a great driver. I was chosen for this task by the president of this company. I have worked as an chauffeur for three years in New York. I am 21 and not married. I don't have any kids.

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