Canobi Vegetation

Planet Canobi is a vast grassland. When we first arrived on planet Canobi, we were stunned by its gorgeous vegetation and colors. We have now been here three weeks and have obtained a huge amount of information about the vegetation. Our research personnel is made up of four people who are great for the job.

We are exploring this new found planet, Canobi, in search of vegetation. If or when we find what were looking for, we will run several tests to find out how the new found planet reproduces, and how it can be used.

These plants have magnificent color and look wonderful with Canobi's color changing grass. These wonderful colors and designs used in nature make this planet the most gorgeous thing that we've ever seen.

The grass on this planet, Canobi, is very interesting. It changes colors depending on the time of day. The grass is a bleach white at midnight. From midnight to sunrise, the grass slowly changes to a light yellow. Then, the grass slowly changes to a bold violet. During the afternoon, the grass turns to a bright orange. For the last color of the day, the spectacular grass turns to a light green only to change back into a bleach white at midnight. This process repeats itself the following day. A weird yet interesting thing is no matter who or what walks on the grass, the grass pops back up to its same spiral shape and keeps its same color. Footprints are not easily made on this grass.

The flowers on this new planet Canobi are multicolored. We have not yet found a flower or plant with one solid color. Most of the flowers are bright oranges, brilliant reds, and yellows. Some of the other delicate flowers are greens, blues, purples and pinks. These extraordinary flowers arrange themselves with just the right colors and styles.

These colorful plants can be used for dyes, clothing, food, tissues, and some of them can give you a natural high like those on planet earth. Some of these beautiful plants feel like silk and do not deteriorate easily. Most of these flowers are so soft and dependable that you can use them as tissues -they never get dirty.

In some of the other flowers, you can squeeze out a liquid that will stain clothes and skin. One single flower can produce up to one gallon of dye.

All of the plants on this planet are edible. Some of these plants taste like chicken, beef, carrots, apples or cheese. The plants that produce dyes taste like cherry, grape, pineapple, and apple juice.

Only a few of the plants will actually give you a high. The plants that give you a high are poisonous; when you eat them, they kill your brain cells. They also make you do things that you would not normally do.


We only have found four different ways that fowers and plants reproduce. One of the ways is when a bug eats from a plant and dies, a new plant starts to grow where the bug dies. Another way a plant reproduces is when the plant connects underground by the root system and have brief intercourse. Approximately three days after this process occurs, a beautiful flower is fully bloomed. These flowers only last for 12 weeks. A third way of reproduction is when bugs eat the flower and then defecate. Approximately four days later, a flower grows where the bug defecated. The last way of reproduction is from the exploding fuzzy plant. This particular plant, at high noon, explodes. If the little buds on the flower collides with another, then they will land and reproduce into another fuzzy plant.


The trees on the planet Canobi are over 112 feet tall. They have purple trunks. The leaves on the trees are blue and green. The leaves are like paper and come in many sizes of circular shapes.

Unlike the trees on earth, the trunks of the trees are smooth with no slivers. The trunks are like a rectangle, they are skinny on two sides and fat on the other two.

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