Klemdano Animals

We are a group of scientists sent here to study the health, migration, reproduction, and domestication of animals on the planet of Klemdano. We have been on this planet for three years. We still have seven years left to study these mangnificent animals. Our goal is to find out as much as possible about these animals.


Our group has been studying the life of the animals on this planet for three years. We have found a qubil, which is a yellow pacaderm with purple dots. Now this animal is a very large animal which can be used to move things on our planet. This animal can also be used as transportation.


When they reproduce, they are pregnant for six months. They usally have two babies and then stop.

When they die, they just deteriorate. These animals can live up to 50 years.

A ridid is a poisonous frog. The poison can be used to put on darts and used for weapons and hunting. When the frogs die, after the poison is extracted, you can eat these frogs. They can feed up to two people.


A Kumbala is three-headed tiger bird which flies up to three miles at one stretch. They feed off of the frogs. They are very smart. They breed almost all the time. The females are almost always pregnant. They can also eat most plants on this planet.


A snuftuamopagus is like a mammal on earth and resembles a sloth. This animal lays eggs that all other animals can eat and so can humans. They breed once every two months. When they breed, they lay about 50 eggs which are about two pounds each. Only about 2/3 of them hatch and survive because of predators.

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