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As part of our expedition to the planet of Klemdano, our job is to find a healthy diet and lifestyle for those who are starting a colony. We have been here for two years and have found a wide variety of life here. Each one of us is experts in a different health field. On this expedition we will make this planet a healthy place for humans to live. The Personnel for our group comes from a variety of backgrounds.

The air conditioner

This is a simple machine made to make living more comfortable on Klemdano. This machine is designed to make cold air go into the treehouses. The rain falls into a pole which drops the rain into cups of wood on a wheel, thus turning the wheel. The wheel, connected to the pole, turns the pole that turns the fan inside the treehouse. This allows cold air to enter a hot treehouse.

The leftover water from the wheel is dumped into a tub. If the rain stops, someone will have to take the water from the tub and dump it into the cups of the wheel, starting the process all over again. The water in the tub can also be drank or used for bathing.

Stories and Information

Killer Bees

Several crew members from the spaceship sneaked out and decided to explore some of the surrounding areas of our camp. They hiked for about half an hour when one of the group members, Patrick Reynolds, gave a small cry and grabbed his arm in pain. The other two people saw a large bee flying away and when they examined Reynold's arm, they decided he had been stung by the bee. Right away, Reynolds started having trouble breathing and he lost consciousness.

By the time the crew members brought Reynolds to Dr. Autumn Marie, he was dead. The men told Dr. Marie what had happened and she sent the body of Reynolds for an autopsy.

From the autopsy, we found that when the bee stung Renolds, it injected a poison which quickly spread to the whole body thanks to the circulatory system. The poison slows down the body functions and paralyzes the victim. The victim then dies from lack of oxygen.

Special percautions were then taken to warn people of this bee and its deadly sting. Since there was no known cure yet, we had people stay close to camp.

Since the accident, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Daniels found, quite by accident, that there is a small plant that lives all around our colony. This plant contains a natural vaccine or antidote for the poison the bees contain. Through experiments, we found that if the crystal like substance in the plant is dissolved in water and drunk, the bees' poison has no affect on our human bodies. The vaccine lasts 24 hours and so the antidote must be taken again everyday.

Killer Bees


The food available on Klemdano is much like the food on Earth. One of the animals that is found is a Snuftulamopagus. This animal tastes like chicken and also lays eggs. This animal lives all over the planet, they are easy to hunt.

There are also some plants people can eat. There are banana trees that supply many bananas. Popokia tongo are plants people can eat but the stem is poisonous, so people cannot eat it. We suggest a diet that includes many fruits from the fruit plants, and meat from the animals. Always check with a doctor before eating any new food.

Since it is very hot in the rainforest, people need to drink lots of water. The water can be retrieved from the tub of water from the cold air system. Since the water from the pole did not touch the trees, there should be no problem with bad water.

Some possible exercises


The people on the expedition must stay healthy while on Klemdano. Part of staying healthy is exercising to stay fit.

Everyone on the expedition must do an exercise for at least 15 minutes a day. The exercise must be steady and not exceed 80% of their heart rate. Some of these exercises are running, jumping jacks, jump rope, swimming, etc. Each person chooses their own exercise and it is up to them to choose when to do it. They must sign in with Dr. Marie before they start and after they finish.

Having to climb up and down the ladders to the treehouses helps everyone to stay strong. It is up to each person if they wish to build up their muscles. They can do sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, or anything else they wish. These exercises are not required, but are recommended.

Overall health

The people of Klemdano need to check in with Dr. Autumn Marie two to three times a week for a physical.

Everyday someone must clean out the simple machine; everyone will take turns.

Before eating any new species of animal or plant, that person must check with Dr. Marie first.

--Please contact Dr. Autumn Marie before and after any exercises, just so that Dr. Marie can check on what your heart rate is.--

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