Klemdano Personnel

My name is Nason Bouche; my specialty is the field of research. I can identify many different species of insects. I am a researcher sent to identify as many different kinds of insects as I can, and report my research to Aron Plantenberg to analyze and record the data. I worked at Harvard as a teacher in the science and research department. I once was a student at Harvard for six years to gain my degree in the field of science and research. I am 26. I have a wife and two children, Shara (2), and Trent (4). I now have to separate from them to go on this expedition. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever been faced with.

My name is Aron Plantenberg, I am the data recorder. My job is to draw and record what research Nason gives me. So far I have drawn a picture of a bee which Ryan and Devon found on an expedition; they also found a larger than usual dragonfly that I also drew.

I was sent here because I am one of the top researchers in my field. My job is to draw and keep notes about the research I find and collect. I went to UNLV {UNIVERSITY OF LAS VEGAS}. I had to stop my studies as a sophomore, but I hope to return for my studies as a junior. The University was a large help because they gave me many grants toward my studies and research. I left behind my wife who is three months pregnant. I can't wait to get back and see my child. Anyway, I'm glad I was one of the few chosen, for this is a once in a lifetime experience.

My name is Ryan McKelvy and I am one of the expeditionists. My job is to navigate my group through the planet so we do not get lost. I also help capture insects and report them to Nason. I attended Yale University for six years. There, I learned some of the best navigating skills possible. I am 38 and I have a wife named Chrystie; we have two kids. It was a tough decision to leave my family, but I did it for my planet and country. My two kids names are Aron (14) and Koco (16).

My name is Devon Keiper, I am the partner to Ryan. Ryan and I are expeditionists. We make sure that the group does not get lost, and we also capture insects by setting tarps under trees to smoke them out for Nason to research. I went to the University of California for six years. I am single and don't have a life. I came on this mission because I have no life.

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Designed by: Nason Bouche, Aron Plantenberg, Ryan Mckelvy, and Devon Kieper.