My name is Adam Sarkez. I was chosen to go on the mission to Klemdano because I am one of the best meteorologists. It will be very important to have some kind of idea of what the weather will do the next day, week, or even hour. It will be hard to figure out the weather patterns of a different planet without much weather forecasting equipment, so I am going to have to use what we know about the earth's weather and apply it to Klemdano.

I am not married and that might even be a good thing because I probably wouldn't go if I had to leave my wife and kids behind. I grew up in Hawaii and later moved to Colorado when I was 18 to go to college. I went to Colorado University on a basketball scholarship, and majored in meteorology. I became a t.v. newsweather man after college, and worked at the local weather station for about four years. I quit my job because I was offered a teaching job at the University of Oregon. After five years of teaching, I joined the team going to Klemdano to help them understand more about the weather that they will have to face.

My name is Jeff Logiss. I was to go with a team of scientists and civilians to a new planet to be colonized. I was a professional scout for the U.S. and I was to walk the area that the spaceship lands. I am to record the terrain that I see. My group consisted of Adam, Bobby, and Matt.

I was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1983. I moved to Lowell, Oregon, and went to I. Lundy Elementary and Lowell High School. After that I went to U of O and became a scout.

I am excited that we are going to a new planet and I hope that I get to stay there.

My name is Matt Green. I'm on the planet because I'm the best Terainologist there is. A Terainologist makes sure the planet is safe for other people. I have to use transportation all over the planet. I use small vehicles to get around the planet. I have seen many places that are bad and good.

When I was in high school, I wasn't even thinking about becoming a Terainologist, but then I met a guy that was a Terainologist and found out that it was pretty cool. I get to travel all over the world for free and get paid for it. Sometimes I go places I don't like, but other times I go places I like.

Back at home I have a wife and no kids. We have a house in Aspen, Colorado, at the base of a big army base. I have been in the army for ten years and was recently asked to go to the planet.

My name is Bobby Johnson. I am on this planet for defense of the "scientist" types. We all know they can't handle anything but their labs and beakers, so they get a space marine to come in and do the dirty work. If there is a sample that is dangerous to get, guess who has to go get it. I'm the one who clears out the way when we travel through the forest. Ever since some of the first "modern wars" (where chemicals were involved) I've been in the marines.

For the "sake of exploration", we decided to colonize a different planet. Unfortunately, this planet isn't cooperating with us and the whole process has been very hard.

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