Planet: Klemdano


Our team has been sent to Klemdano to determine if the planet is inhabitable. Unlike most planets, Klemdano does not have many different biomes and climates. Klemdano is a rainforest planet. There are not as many different types of plants and animals as a planet like Earth (with many different climates), but there are many different species in just the one biome. It is a very damp, humid environment, and rain is almost nonstop. It feels much like a hot shower. Every year rainfall exceeds 200 cm.

This is a picture of Klemdano in space.
You can see the three rings around it.

Plants & Animals

Aside from the sometimes frightening storms, Klemdano is a dangerous planet in other ways. There are many kinds of predatory animals and even some plants. The plants are also frightening. You can't hear them make a sound and they don't creep up on you like an animal, but they may attack you as you are walking along. It could have been the two poisonious vines of the Sonkar bush that hit you like whips, or it could have been the fangs of what we like to call the "Klemdano Fly Trap". This plant was obviously named after the innocent Venus Fly Trap from Earth, but it is about ten times as big, and the fangs have more poison than a cobra, a snake from Earth.

The terrain of Klemdano is very hard to live on, let alone travel easily. We haven't been able to move from our original landing site because of the hard terrain and dense vegetation. The land has many cliffs and valleys which make it almost impossible to travel. Without being able to get beyond a one mile radius around our camp, we have not been able to find anything that may prove to be useful. Only the trees are helpful because with a few, we have been able to build houses. Medicines have been made from some of the plants.

This is a picture of the Klemdano land.
You can see the Klemdano fly trap in the picture.

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