Klemdano Shelter

We have been on the planet Klemdano for approximately one week now. We were chosen because we are professionals in our fields. Our mission is to build housing for our other teammates to colonize this planet.



In building our shelter, we searched for an entire day looking for the perfect trees to build our new homes. We found bamboo to build the walls. Without any power tools, we cut the bamboo with hatchets. We constructed our roofs from banana leaves and coconut leaves. We built the roof with these leaves because they are waterproof and won't allow water to leak through into our huts.

Our source for cooking will be a fireplace built of stones that we found along trails. We have installed a chimney above the fireplace, this is also made out of stones. Our chairs are made of bamboo poles secured with vines and our tables are also made of bamboo. We decided to make our homes high in the canopy of the trees to protect ourselves from the animals and to keep away from the moisture that collects on the ground.

We have built a sturdy ladder made of cut branches fastened with vines. To conserve the trees, we have reused all of the leftover branches that we had cut from the trees to build our huts. We built our homes in trees near rivers, so that the water is more convienent for our use. Our floors are layered with banana leaves so that cleaning is easier and banana trees are more plentiful around this area. We have no running water in our homes which is the main reason we built our houses by the river.

There are about two huts per tree. Each hut has approximately two or three beds. They have a set of chairs and a table and a source of cooking (a firepit) which also is our source of heat during the cold season. Our huts are small so that the firepits keep us warm to conserve heat, and also firewood.


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Designed by: Johanna DeFlyer, Krystina Parra, & Jessi Rost