Klemdano Personnel

Vosh Spice: My name is Vosh Spice and I'm 19 years old. I live in Florida along with my friends Skari, Babs, and Teri. We moved here about six years ago. Recently I've been working on a movie in New York where I met Corey Laim, the love of my life. Besides doing movies and entertainment, I also have been working at a classy car shop designing cars. I can design a car out of anything.

Also the four of us girls have been chosen to go on an expedition to a planet that has just been discovered.

I went to school at Florida State and after five years of schooling, I received a degree in vehicle design. I can design any kind of vehicle.

Babs Spice: My name is Babs Spice and I'm the youngest of the group at the age of 18. I moved to Florida with the girls about six years ago. When I first came to Florida, I had a career in entertainment where I sang and sometimes did comedy at local restaurants and clubs where people under 21 weren't allowed.

Within three years, I decided to go to school to study automotive repair. I received a degree and I've been building and fixing old 50's and 60's cars. I basically can fix any car with a problem.

When I heard about this expedition, I thought what would Leo do without me? Leonardo DeVaprio is a long time close friend of mine. But with the expedition needing a car builder, I thought it would be good for me.

Skari Spice: I'm Skari Spice and I'm 19 years old. I'm the oldest and the brain of the group but then again so is Vosh. I went to school at UCLA in California for about three years but then transferred to Florida State my fourth year. I studied to become an animal trainer. I've worked at the San Diego zoo a few times where I worked mainly with elephants and monkeys.

On this expedition, I think there may be animals that we could use to help us with our transportation.

In my personal life, I've been dating a guy I met at UCLA named Alan Labrosser.

Beri Spice: My name is Teri Spice and I'm 19. I moved to Florida in 1992 with my girls and bought a good looking house on the beach. I currently have been doing entertainment for night clubs by singing and acting. I've also been dating Matt Tillon for about two years.

When I came down here, I began school about three years later. Like Baby, I got a degree in automotive repair so I can fix any car problem. With transportation as our reponsibility on this expedition, I know I'll be needed to help with the maintenance of the vehicles we design.

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