Klemdano Transportation

When we arrived on Klemdano our expedition noticed a lot of vegetation and strange animals. The animals looked like our animals at home but with a twist and so did the plants and flowers. We knew we needed water and we needed to find food. We had no mode of transportation, so we decided our first move should be to make some transportation. Our only supplies available were the ones on Klemdano. We had to use things like leaves and wood slices. For gas we decided to use an animal manure. The largest animal on the planet was the animal called the qubil, it resembles an elephant on earth.

The people who would make the transportation are four girls. Everybody had a special ability that involved working with transportation. Vosh had the ability to design cars out of anything, so with our only materials being those on the planet, she was able to design a car that was made strictly out of big leaves and wood slices. The car could go through thick vegetation, through thick, wet, sticky mud and even through water. It worked like a four wheel drive pick-up truck and a jet ski boat. When the boat was needed, we could simply blow up a large inner-tube under the car, the wheels would disconnect from the car and float up for buoyancy after we're done with the tube. The tube is made out of large leaves and sealed off with guano.

Babs and Teri both have a degree in automotive engineering and can build the car. Their first moves were to cut slices of trees for wheels and find giant leaves for the body of the car that could keep out the rain and keep the car dry when it went through the water and mud. Like the tube for the boat, the whole car is sealed with guano or bat droppings, this way the car stays dry. If the temperatures are too cold, there are ways to keep fire in the back of the vehicle to heat the whole car. If the temperature gets to hot, ice can be put in the back to cool the whole car off.

The car can also carry large amounts of water and heavy articles of materials, like trees or leaves and even large food supplies.

Skari has experience with animals, so when we needed to find a qubil, Scary knew how to go about it. When we finally did find a qubil, she was able to tame the thing and it was soon feeding out of her hand. Since we were using the qubil's manure, we had to feed the animal right away. We fed him some banana looking fruit and some regular vegetation.

Next, we built a little stall for the qubil and and we soon started a place like a gas station. For regular manure, it was 20 banana peels and for super manure, we charged 30 banana peels. For the car to work, you have to use a lot of manure. In the back of the car are three openings; one for the fire/ice, one for the water/food, and another for the manure. While at the gas station, a shovel is used to put the manure into the car. A little fire is located in the back of the car near the third chute, so when the fire burns the manure, it lets off steam and the car goes.

You can control the speed by keeping little brakes dragging in the dirt. To steer there's a steering wheel located in front. About six people can fit into the car. The car can also turn into a bed and fit about three people unless you pull out a sheet of leaves on either side of the car to accomadate three to four more people.

Now that we've made transportation, we plan on returning back home to our entertainment businesses. Perhaps we can make the cars we've made on Klemdano and turn them into high priced vehicles on earth and with the better technology, the cars could be a success.


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Designed by: Ashly Chase, Koco Garcia, Kassie Kelly and Chrystie Cooper