Klemdano Personnel

Name: Colonel Eric Westfir.

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Current place of residence: Honolulu, Hawaii

Family life: I am married and have two kids. I have a boy who is six years old and a girl who is eight years old.

Occupation: Special Forces Military leader who is qualified in chemistry, physiology, biology, and botany.

Mission Objectives and Requirements: My job on the planet of Klemdano is to study the life forms of the planet and find a way for the plants to be beneficial to all on the planet.

Length of Stay Here: 10 years

Already been here: 4 years

Selection for mission: I am a Special Forces member who usually works with chemical and biological weapons, but I am also very qualified in the areas of botany, chemistry, physiology, and biology. I study the relationship of the plants to other living organisms around the environment, including; people and animals. I was asked to come help in any way my expertise allowed. Studying the plant life and how it affects the lives of the men and women of the crew is my main focus. My mission goal is to find out what types of plants live on the planet and what those life forms can do for the people here.

Name: Marilyn Pettegrew

Age: 28

Sex: female

Current place of residence: Albany , New York

Family Life: I am single and have no kids. I am the daughter of Bruce and Uretheran Pettegrew and the only sister of Jack Pettegrew.

Occupation: Head Photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

Mission Objectives and Requirements: My job on this planet, Klemdano, is to study the inner beauty of all the foilage. I will model and photograph these species to take back to earth in six years.

Length of stay: 10 years

Time of stay (presently) : 4 years

Selection for Mission: I was chosen by the Executive Klendano Missions Personnel Council who heard of and saw my work in issues of National Geographic and assigned me as a member of the Klemdano Vegetation Expedition group. I chose to come so I can learn, study, and help my country in safety, photography, and in science.

Name: Kelli Sales


Sex: Female

Current Place of Residence: Orlando, Florida

Family Life: I am not married, but I am currently engaged to the man of my dreams. At this time in our lives, the only family that we have is a dog named Sam.

Occupation: Gourmet Chef

Mission Objectives and Requirements: My job on Klemdano is to study the plants of the planet to find edible food for people and animals. After I find these plants, I find interesting ways to cook the food for the crew.

Length of Stay: 10 Years

Already Been here: 4 Years

Selecton for Mission: I was selected for the mission on Klemdano because I am the only cook in the world who has any experience in cooking with many different types of plants for many different lifestyles.

Name: Taylor Murdoch

Age: 30

Residence: Washington D.C.

Family Life: I have no children yet, but have dated Laetitia Casta and Martina Hingis. I am the world's most eligible bachelor.

Occupation: I am the top newswriter at Time Magazine, specializing in Species Interaction.

Mission Objective: My job on Klenmdano will be to record and study the effects of our colonization upon the vegetation. I am also to send quarterly reports of our progress back to earth for publication.

Length of stay: 10 Years

Time of stay (presently): 4 Years

Selection for mission: After graduating from Dartmouth at the head of my class with a major in English, I was hired by the Wall Street Journal. I stayed there for two years until I received a lucrative one year contract from NewsWeek. I am presently working for Time.

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