Klemdano Vegetation

Our purpose here on Klemdano is to come up with edible things for any active life forms on the planet, with a little spice added because we have a gourmet chief who happens to be in the housing complexes on the planet. Other personnel included in the research team are: a professional photographer, a newswriter who covers ecological problems, and a military officer who specializes in biology and ecology.

We need to also find medicines and materials found in the plants so the life on Klemdano has a chance to survive. We would also like to bring some plants back to planet Earth. Our mission is also to protect the very rare species of kesullsain and britalian.

The View of the Klemdano Vegetation from your Treehouse

The Popokai Tongo

The planet of Klemdano is a plethora of plant life of all sizes, shapes, and colors. The planet consists of a rainforest biome enviornment. Many of the plants and vegetation are similar to those on the planet Earth. The ever popular banana tree from earth was mixed with the seeds of the pineapple tree so that the fruit that the plant produces is a mixture of the two. The fruit that the plant produdces is edible. The leaves of the plants can be used for clothing, shelter, and many other useful functions around the house or any other desired place. The stems and trunk can be used for building shelters and furniture.

The plant is always available because the plant's reproduction process is faster than those of its family members on earth. The fruit falls off the tree causing the seeds inside to be buried in the soil and a new tree begins to grow because of the fertile soil. All the pineapple's reproduction occurs without any help from mankind.

The Pineapple-Banana Tree

The Klemdano Fly Trap

Another popular plant of the planet of Klemdano is klemdano fly trap similar to the carnivourous Dianaea muscipula commonly known as the venus fly trap on the planet Earth. The fly trap on Klemdano is ten times worse than that of its family member on Earth. The plant is about eight feet tall with poisonous fangs that are worse than those of a cobra snake. The fly trap is a meat eating plant that lives on insects, but occasionally a man will be in grave danger if bitten.

The colors of the fly trap cause the insects to get close to its "V" shaped mouth. As the insect nears the trap, the mouth snaps shut and the insect is trapped inside. When the mouth is shut, the fly trap still has a gap in its mouth that is big enough to let small insects out that would waste the plants use of energy. The Klemdano fly trap is a very energy conservative plant that does not like to waste energy on insects that won't stay in its mouth.

The Beautiful Ferns

While the giant klemdano fly trap, the pinapple-banana tree, and the canopy trees make up most of the trees and taller vegetation, the fern plant makes up most of the vegetation on the forest floor. These ferns stay green and look like mosses. The ferns can grow from one inch to 65 feet. The ferns reproduce by tiny little spores that are located on the bottom of the leaves. The spores go through two asexual stages of reproduction. The spores are released into the air and the seeds inside the spores are dropped onto the ground. These seeds get buried by the soil and turn into ferns. The plants are useful for many household items. They can be used for decorations, padding, and any other useful reason that man could think of.

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