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The paradog is white, black, and brown depending on the time of day. It has three legs, one massive back leg, two huge front legs, and a parrot-like head. The paradog has webbed feet for staying on top of the snow. It has three inch claws that it uses for traction.

The paradog has seven inches of fat, and hard, slick skin to keep it warm. The hard, slick skin acts as an insulator, along with the fat. It breathes through a slot in its neck that blocks snow and water, only letting air in. These unique features help the paradog survive in the harsh tundra environment.

The paradog is a scavenger who eats only dead things. It requires at least five pounds of food a day and seven hours of sleep. It rips the meat off by using its claws, and its bird-like beak. It sleeps in holes in the snow. Its eyes are red and glow at night, allowing it to see in the dark.

The paradog has by far the most unique means of reproduction. During the warmest period of the year, the female emits a scent attractive to the male. The male then lays an egg that varies in color from green to purple. The egg contains a massive amount of sperm. The female then finds and eats the egg and the sperm unites with the female's egg in the uterus. Six months later the female gives live birth to one baby paradog.

The paradog can be used as a pack animal to pull our sleds across the tundra.

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