Solusis Health


Sandy Sales- Sandy was chosen out of 1500 applicants for this space research project. She completed her extensive medical training at Yale. She has previously trained world class atheletes such as Michael Bordon, Jackie Voyner Dersee, and Michael Dohnson.

Vanessa Broom- Dr. Broom is one of the best veteranarians in America. She has worked all over the world studying unique animals in Africa, Europe, and Australia. She has a vast knowledge of rare diseases by documenting a variety of rare animals.

Melissa Burnett-Melissa has been included on this mission because of her health engineering expertise. She has built all of the exercise equipment for the scientists both on earth and on the planet Solusis. Melissa Burnett has been awarded a Nobel prize for developing exercise equipment for previous space missions. She will monitor the scientists' exercise habits and make sure the equipment is operating well.

Ashley Vogel-Ashley is a doctor that specializes in rare tundra diseases. She has traveled to many different tundra climates and gathered information on the diseases to further our knowledge for the expedition.

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Designed by: Sandy Burnett, Melissa Sales, Vanessa Vogel, and Ashley Broom