Solusis Health

The maintaining of the health of the scientists on the planet Solusis is vital to the completion of the projects and the mission. Since living conditions on Solusis are much different than the planet earth, an alternative health and excercise plan was needed to keep the astronaut's healthy and fit. A team of experts in the health field have been selected to closely observe the researcher's health.


The plan for the astronauts on this mission is quite simple. Exercise is the most important factor to keep these people healthy. The atmosphere is different from earth so the exercise that maintains health on earth will not be as effective on the planet Solusis. Melissa Burnett, the health engineer, specially designed a health machine that coincides with the gravity on Solusis to make the workout effective. This is the machine:

Workout Track

The astronauts will need to exercise twice daily. This track will be the only equipment needed for their exercise routine. The machine will be constructed on earth and tested for its efficiency, then be built on the planet Solusis. The machine is made purely of ice that has a chemical applied to it to make the ice an unbreakable. The top layer of the track is covered with dirt to make the ice non slippery. The astronauts are required to run around the track at different paces and in a variety of running forms. The forms are: knee highs, high kicks, leaping and sprinting.

Examples of exercise


The diet of the astronauts is also a part of the health plan. The health diet consists of fruits and vegetables that were dehydated on earth because there are few edible plants that are able to grow in the cold, dry tundra climate. There are a few plants edible on Solusis, such as the permacrest and gripbear.

Gripbear plant

The permacrest plant is edible in the center. The roots are also edible. The gripbear plant is a berry plant, and of course, the berries are edible. This plant grows close to the ground with the berries dangling down. These plants are found pretty much anywhere on the planet and they grow year-round.

Permacrest plant

The scientists will also be provided a special drink that includes all basic food groups to keep the astronaut's diet balanced. This beverage is called balancesaft. The researchers are required to drink this beverage three times a day for as long as they are on the planet. If the astronauts are preoccupied with their work and they do not follow their diet plan, they will not have the energy to complete their mission.

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Designed by: Sandy Burnett, Melissa Sales, Vanessa Vogel, and Ashley Broom