Our group members are Tiffany Le Brun, Tracy Hadden, Caroline Shultz, and Jamie Moran. We all study insects and have attended college for at least four years.

Jamie Moran is twenty-two years old. She has just finished college after attending for four years. She studies the various uses of insects to see if they can be used for medicine or food. She is thinking about getting married after she finishes this project. She applied for a job in researching the new planet as soon as she found out about it.

Caroline Shultz is twenty-two also, and she just got out of college. She studies the insects social habits. She sees if they live in colonies and how they operate within it. She is not married and has one kid. Her child's name is Chistina Mae Shultz. She is two years old, with brown hair and blue eyes. Caroline's father recommended her for the job because she is very talented in the science field.

Tracy Hadden is twenty-two, and has just finished college. She studies the breeding habits of insects. She is happily married and doesn't have any children. She applied for the job as soon as she graduated from college; wanting to be one of the first to explore this new found planet.

Tiffany Le Brun is twenty-two. She finished college a year before they discovered the new planet. She studies insects in general, but likes to study how they adapted to their environment, like their food source, and where they take shelter. She is not married and has no kids. She applied for the job thinking it would be fun to explore something that has never been seen before.

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Designed by: Tiffany Le Brun, Tracy Hadden, Caroline Shultz, and Jamie Moran