My name is Starry Knight and I am an ice geologist. I am 30 years old and have been a professional ice geologist for eight years. For four of those years I studied the arctic region of earth. The last four years, I studied the antarctic region, and now I have been chosen to come here to Solusis.

I was chosen for this journey because of my vast experience with ice and tundra. Since I have studied many types of frozen lands and know how to survive in very cold climates, I am a good addition to the team.

I am known worldwide for the work I did in the arctic and antarctic regions. I am going to study and report on the different regions and types of ice on Solusis. I hope I do a good job and I am very excited about this new experience for me.

Hello, my name is Allen Johnson and I am the pilot and I am 32. I was chosen for this expedition for my expertise in flying many different aircrafts. My main area is in flying large fighter jets. I was also chosen for my knowledge in how to fly.

When I left the Airforce, I was one of the top pilots. After the Airforce, I went to a flight school to learn how to fly commercial jets.

During the past year, I have learned a lot about planet Solusis - from its weird animals to its ice covered plains to its spectacular mountains. I am having a blast on planet Solusis.

Honiee Dew - that's my name. I am 28 years old, but don't judge me by how young I am because I am very intellegent. Everyone that was chosen for this mission had to be intellegent. All during college I did internships in the artic with I.C. Incorporated. They highly recommended me and after a long process I was chosen.

I am now working on making a map of the lower quadrant of what we have named "the stick". It is the section that is the closest to the sun. It is the warmest place on the planet even though temperatures there don't get very hot. At the tip of "the popsicle" (as we call it) temperatures go way below freezing. In the middle of "the popsicle" the average temperature is usually around 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) below freezing.

My name is Nariah Denise Baker, and I am a professional meteorlogist. I am 33 years old, and I have been a meteorlogist for almost five years now. I have traveled to far off lands and nations to test the climate and see how different climate controls effect the climate and the temperature of that nation. I have been chosen because I am one of the best known meteorlogists.

When I reach the planet Solusis; I will study the climate. I will take the temperature at both high and low altitudes. I will take many temperature samples so that my data will be correct. I will take many samples of the temperature throughout the day. I hope that I will do a good job so that I don't disappoint everyone, as I repesent the earth on this great journey to the Planet Solusis.

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