Solusis Shelter

Our team has been here for two years. We are in charge of building and maintaining the shelters on our planet. So far its been great! We've been involved in the development of supplying shelters for everyone on the planet. The people in our group are from everywhere on Earth.

Since we are on a planet of ice only, we had to find another way to build shelters. We found an animal named the chavis. The chavis is a mole-like animal that lives in burrows under the ground. These burrows are big enough to hold a family of five very comfortably. We have made modifications such as beds, stairs, roofs for the entrances, and smoke chimneys.

To make the beds we used towgalath skins for the padding and the blankets. We used a kreash bladder wrapped in a towgalath skin for the pillow.

For the stairs we used bones. We mounted them into the ground so they were level and they act as stairs. We filed the edges so they would not cut us.

For the roofs of the entrances, we put towgalath skins over the fire and dried them until they were stiff. Then we put them over the entrances and used them as covers from the snow.

We figured out a way to make fire from kreash bones. First, we got a lot of towgalath droppings and stacked them into a pile. Then, we got kreash bones and rubbed them together to create sparks. The sparks lit the droppings on fire. We needed a chimney so the smoke could get out of the caves. We dug a hole in the roof and reinforced it with towgalath bones so it would not cave in.

One of our caves

Below is a map of the cave system we live in. Cave numbers one, two, three, and four are sleeping quarters. Cave number five is a recreation room where we lounge around and play cards. Number six is the kitchen. Number seven is a storage room where we keep our food and hand tools. Number eight is our research and laboratory area.


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