Transportation On Solusis

You are receiving this message from the transportation team of the Solusis colonization attempt. We have been assigned to keep track of and maintain the means of transportation on Solusis until we are replaced and sent back to earth. Here you will find the data we have collected on the best ways to get around on Solusis. Our team includes: our design and equipment tester, Maurita; our lead engineer Dr. Speldrich a.k.a. Doc; blacksmith and equipment builder, Sixten a.k.a. Six.

Research and Data

Here on Solusis, we have been able to construct two different kinds of transportation. The sled is a standard snow sled that would normally be pulled by a team of dogs. Unfortunately, there are no dogs on Solusis, but there is a creature that is very similar. The paradog looks very much like a dog except its head is like a bird. This animal is very helpful in pulling our sleds because they have high stamina. They can pull us for miles outside of camp and still have us back within a couple of hours.

Our sled is made out of bones since there is no wood. The bones come from the kreash, another animal much like the paradog only untameable. We slaughter the kreash and use mainly its legs and thigh bones for the frame. Its entrails are used to pad the sled. Our sleds are about 4 x 6 feet long so we can gather research material outside of our immediate area and bring samples of plantlife and small animals back to camp.


We have also come up with a form of ice skate. Unlike ice skates on earth, these ice skates are made of kreash bones like the sled. Instead of using the leg and thigh bones for the skates, we use the arm and cheek bones. When sharpened properly, these bones work quite perfectly for the runners on the skates. Since the terrain can be mountainous, we use kreash forearm bones for poles. These poles are very similar to poles you would use for recreational skiing. We cannot make official boots for these skates, so we have to strap the skates to our regular shoes using kreash hide. This is quite effective because if we get in deep snow where we can't skate, we can take off the skates and hike to a better position. The skates are for exploration within a mile or so of camp, any further than that and we use our sleds.


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Transportation page produced by: Tom Speldrich, Keith Bowers, and Trisha Allen