Coniferous Forest Animals

The bear lives in the coniferous forest as an omnivore. Every summer the bear feasts upon berries and salmon to "fatten up" for their long winter hibernation. When snows begin to fall the fat bear goes to its den and sleeps until the spring comes again.

The bob cat is a cat of the forest. The bob cat is a carnivore that eats rabbits, birds, and other small prey. The bob cat adapts to the changing seasons by changing its coat to camouflage itself. In the winter, the bobcat is a soft white, and in the summer they are light brown with dark spots.

The birds of the coniferous forest are mostly herbivores but a few, like the eagle, are omnivore. These birds live off of A.) berries and nuts or B.) a combination of berries, nuts, worms, and small rodents and /or fish. They adapt to the long winters by migrating south to warmer weather.

Health issues are a major concern for the animals of the coniferous forest. One of the leading concerns found in the Pacific Northwest and into the regions of Canada is the home of the spotted owl. Loggers were cutting down trees that were the home of the endangered spotted owls. Now the trees are checked and if they contain a home of a spotted owl, they will not be cut down. The animals of the coniferous forest are also being hunted down for their skins and meat. The destruction of these animals harm the ecosystem of the forest and cause an imbalance in the food web.

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