Deciduous Forest Plants

Deciduous forest is one of the biggest forests in the world. There are a lot of major trees in the deciduous forest. One of the main trees is the maple tree. Maple trees are an area for animals to live in. Other plants are oak, beech, pine and cedar.

The deciduous forest provides great scenery and a place for animals to live. A lot of animals use the trees and plants for food. Most of the birds use them for homes. Others use them for shelter from the sun's heat. The trees grow thick bark layers so they can survive the cold weather.

Health Issues

When logging company's cut down trees the trees fall knocking branches off other trees and covering the ground which does not allow any sunlight to reach the ground. Also when the trees hit the ground, it smashes the growing seeds stopping them from growing. This could decrease the population of plant eating animals.

Pink Lilly

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