Desert Animals

The camels feet have flat foot pads which help them walk on the sand without sinking. They don't have hooves. They have two toes that end in claws. Their tough soles can with stand the heat from the sand. Some camels have two humps and some of them only have one. Their humps are made up of fat that stores water so they can go for a long time without drinking. When the hump starts to empty it starts hanging over the side of their bodies. Their legs keep them high off the ground where the air can be as much as 18*F colder then around their feet. Their fur keeps sand from entering their ears and the long eye lashes help keep the sand out of their eyes.

The caracal is a cat that lives in the desert. The cat lives in the African and Asian deserts. They're well known for their ability to catch birds; they can leap into the air to swat birds from flight. They also hunt reptiles, small mammals, and even animals as large as a gazelle. They sleep in caves, rocky crevices, and abandoned burrows.

The Caracal

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