Most people think all rainforests have warm, sunny weather, but they're wrong. Only the rainforests that are located in the tropics, or ten degrees within the equator have year-round warm weather. Subtropical rainforests that lay outside of the tropics have seasonal changes in their weather. There are a couple of types of rainforests. and they are categorized by the types of weather they have during the year and where they are located. The names of these rainforests are monsoon, equatorial, and subtropical.

All of the three types of rainforests get plenty of rain every year, over 250 cm in fact. The result of all of this rain, is that the rainforest is filled head to toe with lush green vegetation. Many trees in the rainforest have canopies on them, providing shade for the animals and plants. The canopies help shield the plants and animals from the scorching sunlight. The rainforests are very humid due to the warm sunlight, rain and the canopies shading over the plants keeps in the moisture.

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