The Tropical Rainforest

This is a blue and gold macaw.

The rainforest contains many species, approximately 50% of the world's population of animals. Many of the animals in the rainforest are covered in exotic colors. The animals in the rainforest must adjust to many circumstances in their environment, such as the humidity, the constant rainfall, and the abundance of the vegetation.

The black panther is one of many species that are endangered in the rainforest.

In the rainforest, the reason for the endangerment of the many species is because of the destruction of the rainforest. Although 50% of the world's species are in the rainforest, it could have a large impact on their environment. The canopy contributes to the animals because it provides a place for them to build their home, it protects the animals from the rain, and it also provides a supply of food for some.

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