In the tundra there are many different types of animals. I wrote about the caribou and the musk ox because they are the most commonly found animals in the tundra.

The height of the caribou, range from 100 to 150 cm at the shoulders. They can weigh anywhere from 90 to 300 kg. Both the female and the male have antlers, but the female's antlers are smaller. The caribou breed in September and October, and the calves are born in May and June. The main diet of the caribou are lichens, but they also eat grasses, shrubs, tree shoots, and mushrooms.

The musk ox is not a true ox, it is more closely related to goats and sheep. The musk ox is mostly found in Greenland and Canada, and has been introduced to Alaska. The average length of an adult bull is about 2.4 m, and its average height is about 1.5 m at the shoulders. The bull has long downward curving horns with upturned tips. The females are a lot smaller with slightly seperated horns. For protection against the cold, the musk ox have dense undercoats and an ankle length outercoat.

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