Community Water Testing

Thurston High School Science Students conduct water testing on a bi-monthly basis. Please call 744-4140 to schedule an appointment There is no charge for this service, but donations will be accepted to offset chemical costs

Sampling kits are available in the THS main office, the SUB Water Department (202 S 18th Street),the WET/Well Project office (Springfield Middle School near the Silke Field parking lot), and the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce Office (44643 McKenzie Hwy)

Samples are dropped off in Room 135 at THS between 8:30 and 9:30 on the Saturday morning of your appointment
Tests are done for coliform bacteria, arsenic, nitrates, copper, iron, turbidity, conductivitiy, and hardness
For sampling instructions and dates click here to go to the WET/WELL web-page
State of the art equipment has been purchased through grants from SUB, the Meyer Memorial Trust, and the Environmental Protection Agency
For more information about the Community Water Testing Program contact Stuart Perlmeter at the WET/WELL office (744-4140), or Bob Green at Thurston High School (744-500)
For more information about the 69th Street Diagnostic Team which integrates field research into the science curriculum contact Tulsi Wallace, 69th Street Diagnostic Facilitator, at 541-344-6311 ex. 3051